Sky Management, through an extensive network of brokers, owners, and intermediaries, reviews dozens of real estate opportunities on a weekly basis. If the initial screening of investment fits within our parameters, Sky’s acquisitions team begins an extensive underwriting process.

Our offers to buy are based on conservative underwriting of the economics of the transaction and the micro-economic conditions of the market. If an offer is accepted we conduct extensive physical and economic due diligence using internal and external experts to review environmental, mechanical and structural conditions.

Sky’s ability to purchase transactions all-cash allows for a quick closing. However, concurrent with due diligence, Sky begins the process of exploring mortgage financing, generally at 50% to 70% leverage, allowing us to finance either at closing or post-closing. The mortgage loans are to the individual ownership entity and contain no cross collateralizing of any other assets and are secured by the property being acquired. We use outside counsel to represent us in each acquisition, and financing.

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