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Welcome to Sky Management Services, LLC.

Corporate Overview

Sky Management Services, with offices in Philadelphia and in New York City, is a privately funded and managed real estate company which owns and operates a large, diversified portfolio of properties in the United States. Both as a principal for its own account, and in selected circumstances, as a third party asset manager, Sky’s combination of creativity and entrepreneurism allows it to develop innovated solutions to maximize property value.

Sky was founded in 2010 to capitalize on the significant opportunities available in the real estate marketplace, due to the challenging economic environment. Sky is privately funded and can immediately execute large, all cash transactions that require quick and reliable completions. Sky’s executives have worked together to source, manage and operate a variety of real estate assets and investments to consistently produce superior returns and capital appreciation.

Sky Management’s quick growth has been fueled by its long-standing philosophy of creating value by locating and actively repositioning, renovating and/or recapitalizing underperforming or underutilized assets – and executing this philosophy with a team of seasoned executives who function skillfully across multiple disciplines.

Strategy- Real Estate

Direct Investments in large urban markets (population above 1 million)
Value creation through repositioning, renovation, improved management, and marketing
Acquire assets from private equity firms and lenders seeking to divest of portfolios or specific properties
Driven by long term results, increased asset value
Not constrained by quarterly earnings expectations in the public markets
Patient strategy to maximize value throughout the business cycle
Not fee driven, with no minimum initial return requirements
Proactive sourcing coupled with robust, unique deal flow
High quality, efficient, low cost operator
3rd party management with hands-on owner supervision

Risk Management

Extensive due diligence prior to transactions
Focus on quantifying of potential risks
Aggressively priced, value-add investments
Diversification across geographic markets and asset class to produce superior risk-adjusted returns

Exit Strategy

Sell to, or partner with, developer to convert the assets to other uses
Assemble and consolidate single assets into portfolios for sale to institutional buyers
Individual asset or portfolio sale
Source and arrange institutional financing to maximize IRR on invested capital


Consistent with Sky Management’s philosophy, it employs staff with the ability to multi-task and function skillfully across multiple disciplines and the daily challenges without preconceived boundaries. Sky Management engages expert and external consultants, as needed, ensuring that the best professional advise is obtained tailored to specific needs. Above all, however, Sky Management builds and develops properties that have enduring value.

Value Creation

To realize the fullest potential in the real estate market, Sky Management brings an expertise in design, marketing, financial restructuring and operations. The result is a powerful synergy of ideas, skills, experience and financial resources working together to create value.

Current Projects

Completed Projects